The Foundation carries out statutory public benefit activities for the benefit of the general

The statutory objective of the Foundation are activities in the field:
– education and training activities (post-graduate training, continuing education),
– activities supporting the development of technology, inventiveness and innovation and
the dissemination and implementation of new technical solutions in economic practice;
– social assistance, including assistance to families and people in difficult life situations and
equal opportunities for these families and people;
– charitable activities;
– supporting the family and foster care system;
– health protection and promotion, including therapeutic activity within the meaning of the
Act of 15 April 2011 on therapeutic activity,
– activities for the disabled;
– activities for persons of retirement age; ( extract from the Statute )

Conducting scientific research and educational and training activities in order to develop innovative and modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases and sports injuries.

Financial support for orthopaedic patients and the diagnosis, treatment and
rehabilitation of patients with locomotor system diseases or neurological disorders.

Financing the purchase of specialist medical equipment and apparatus.

Organising training courses, conferences and symposia for orthopaedists,
physiotherapists and radiologists, middle medical personnel, and sports trainers and

Improving the qualifications of medical and related staff by financing it, in particular,
internships, courses, trainings and symposiums for both domestic and foreign conferences.

Health promotion and sports and physical activation of the society for the prevention of degenerative and civilization diseases, building recreation, sports and training centres and adapting existing facilities for the above purposes.


Piotr Kotajny


Bogusław Sadlik

  • Rafał Piękoś
  • Jarosław Piecuch
  • Adrian Błasiak


Why it is worthy to support us?
We want well educated and experienced medical staff to be able to help new generations
of doctors (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists) develop and treat Polish patients effectively and correctly. We are convinced that the support of our institution will effectively contribute to this.

We kindly ask you to support the activities of Bio Ortho Sport Foundation by making a
donation to our account:

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( Bank Spółdzielczy w Węgierskiej Górce )

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Sztuka Gipsowania cz. 2 / Wrocław  / 25 lipca 2020


Kurs dla młodych ortopedów „Sztuka Gipsowania”



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31 8131 0005 0018 0409 2000 0020
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